189 Ford Transit Custom’s voor gasbedrijf SGN

Het Britse gasbedrijf SGN heeft 189 Ford Transit Custom’s aangeschaft als snel uitrukvoertuig in het geval van een gaslek. Als je gas ruikt in Engeland en je belt met je gasbedrijf, heb je dus dik kans dat één van deze Fordjes je leidingen komt checken. Opvallend detail: de Transits worden door diesel aangedreven. Hier onder het oorspronkelijke persbericht:
Ford Transit Custom
Ford will deliver 189 Ford Transit Custom models to gas distribution company SGN, which manages the gas distribution network to 5.8 million homes and businesses in the UK.

The vans will play a vital role in SGN’s ‘first call’ emergency response fleet, used by engineers called to gas emergencies. There are 400 vans in this role for SGN across Scotland and southern England.
Ford Transit Custom
A key factor for SGN in making the purchase was the Ford Transit Custom’s innovative ‘load-through’ bulkhead, which permits floor-level carrying of three-metre-long gas pipes.

“This eliminates the need for our engineers to load heavy copper piping at higher than head height, so there is reduced potential for an accident,” said Paul Davies, SGN fleet manager. “These vans are on the go 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they have not only to be economical, reliable and spacious but also to provide a good working environment for operators. They have to be right for our drivers, and the Ford Transit Custom certainly meets their requirements.”
Ford Transit Custom
SGN’s Ford Transit Custom vans are short wheelbase, high roof variants equipped with a 2.2-litre TDCi 100PS power unit. They feature a bespoke stainless steel racking system by specialist converter Tevo, in addition to safety steps, additional lighting, load area heating and safe storage areas.

Stephen Gafson, Ford Direct Sales, said: “It’s good to know the safety of SGN’s millions of customers is being entrusted to engineers who have a fleet of new Ford vans at their disposal. The Transit Custom’s enhanced levels of safety and comfort will help them to perform their vital duties as quickly and efficiently as possible.”
Ford Transit Custom


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