Agricultural Unimog in operation at maize harvest

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is demonstrating its performance not only in the municipal sector but also as an agricultural vehicle – for example, at the autumn maize (sweet corn) harvest. Power, grip and a high payload are what counts here. The Unimog U530 can offer all this, while also providing tangible economic benefits both in the fields and on the road. The high transportation speed of 60 km/h on country roads and 80 km/h on the motorway coupled with its low dead weight and the correspondingly high payload mean its transportation performance is very high. Transport solutions providing economic advantages are especially important when distances and transport volumes increase: for example, in Ilmenau District where the Thüringer Agrargenossenschaft Königsee e.G. (Thuringian Agricultural Cooperative of Königssee) and its partners are farming 5000 hectares of farmland and grassed areas close to the Thuringian Forest.
Unimog U530
Thanks to its 299 horsepower, the U 530 has no trouble keeping pace with the speedy chaff cutter driving alongside it. Although it has a powerful common rail engine with a 7.7 l engine capacity and approx. 1200 Nm torque, as well as an automated manual gear transmission with 16 forward and 14 reverse gears, whose exact gradation enables a comfortable drive on the road, it is the permanent all-wheel drive and “Tirecontrol plus”, the optionally available tyre pressure control system, which, more than anything else, give it the traction it needs in fields while at the same time keeping pressure on the soil low. The tyre pressure control system is available ex works and is integrated into the portal axles, which allows air to be fed from inside to the wheel rim. Settings can be made comfortably via the multifunction steering wheel and the display, and there are three models to choose from: “Road”, “Sand” and “Poor road surface”. The coarse-grip wide-base tyres size 495/70/R24 ensure excellent traction in fields. They are not only suitable for agricultural use but also for the 80 km/h required on the motorway.

The Unimog for agricultural applications differs from the municipal model, for example, due to the front and rear power take-off (available ex works for the models U 427 to U 530 starting from model year 2016); in addition, several variants of the front and rear power lifts, and agricultural tyres, are also available. Finally, a height-adjustable trailer coupling by Scharmüller (K 80) is available as well as several platforms, sometimes including an inlaid section. As far as implements are concerned, there are three implement mounting areas available for each version; in addition to the front and the rear, this includes the mounting area on the chassis. The new load sensing hydraulic system provides high volume flows due to an optional extra tank. Just like all Unimogs, the version for agricultural applications is also universally applicable, not only for agriculture, but also for snow-clearing, road maintenance and cleaning work plus work in forests and woodland. Thus, the Unimog concept permits utilisation throughout the whole working year.


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