De Ural Next van binnen bekeken

Mijn persoonlijke hoogtepunt van de IAA 2016? Dat moet de Ural Next geweest zijn. Deze is op dit moment nog niet in het westen van Europa te koop, maar men is nu druk bezig met de ontwikkeling van een Euro 6 motor, zodat hij hier over anderhalf jaar wel te koop zou moeten zijn. Of er hier markt is voor rubuuste maar ietwat spartaanse trucks? We gaan het meemaken. Ik hoop het wel! Hier onder het persbericht in het Engels wat GAZ, het moederbedrijf van Ural, over deze truck op de IAA uitvaardigde:

The Ural NEXT end-tipper (wheel arrangement 6х6) with its 10.5 cu m load volume and a payload capacity of 10 t is designed to carry bulk cargo on construction sites. The truck is equipped with a hydraulic tipping gear and is powered by a modern economical YMZ 536 engine turning out 312 HP.

Ural NEXT off-road trucks can operate efficiently in any road and climatic conditions. Excellent handling and go-anywhere mobility are achieved through full-time all-wheel-drive, adjustable-pressure tires, regulated from the cab, locking axle differential in the transfer box and wheel differentials of intermediate and rear axles. Application of a transfer box with low gear (gear ratio 2.15) and an engine with a power output of up to 312 HP enable the truck to move confidently at minimum speed with high tractive power in off-road operation.

The Ural NEXT family is made up of a line of conventional-cab trucks with a load capacity of 5.5-13 t and 4х4/6х6 wheel arrangement. High operating efficiency, functionality, reliability and maintainability and proven extreme off-road capability make Ural NEXT highly applicable in construction, the oil and gas sector, forestry, agriculture, mining and other industries

The Ural NEXT chassis serves as the base for more than 400 modifications of specialty vehicles, including truck-based buses, boom trucks, tankers, fuel tenders, fire engines and mobile repair shops. Ural NEXT carries a spacious three-seater cab. Its height ensures comfortable accommodation for driver and passengers. Due to the use of modern upholstery materials and high-quality sealing, the cab features excellent thermal and noise insulation. The cabin is designed in conformity with modern ergonomic requirements. Conventional cab layout provides for high passive safety of driver and passengers.

Op de GAZ stand was nog meer te zien. De beide bussen sprankelden al in de IAA-bussenblog, maar dit was er ook nog:

GAZelle NEXT dropside is the most popular delivery truck in Russia and the CIS countries.

GAZelle Next has a frame design which makes the vehicle reliable and easy to operate even in challenging road and workload environments. It also allows fitting the vehicle with a broad array of equipment.

GAZelle NEXT has a load capacity of 1.5 t with a GVW of 3.5 t.

During development of the vehicle, special attention was paid to safety. The driver and passenger enclosure has increased rigidity, and structural elements of the cab have integrated crash zones, ensuring full protection for driver and passengers.

Attractive fuel consumption, low cost of ownership and fast payback turn the GAZelle Next into an efficient tool for making a profitable business.

GAZelle NEXT is built using systems and components from the world’s leading suppliers: Cummins diesel engines, ZF steering gears, Mando shock absorbers, Anvis rubber bushings, brake system elements from Bosch and Mando, CSA Castellon adjustable steering columns, Sachs clutches, Takata safety belts, Delphi climatic systems. Galvanized cabin parts, both internal and external, improve corrosion resistance and increase vehicle service life.

State-of-the-art engineering solutions, uncompromising quality control and close attention to every part and component have made it possible to provide a 3-year or 150,000km warranty.

The independent front double-wishbone suspension provides high ride comfort and excellent handling. It is no less reliable than classic leaf spring suspension and is markedly better than standard McPherson design.

Handling and response performance of the rack-and-pinion steering gear are up to the best global standards in the LCV class. Unification of steering gear and front suspension into a single unit helps achieve precise control and high stability even on poor roads with rough surfaces.

A powerful and torquey Cummins ISF 2.8 engine offers sufficient power, allowing operation even in extreme conditions without using maximum output. High torque and optimal transmission gear ratios provide excellent vehicle dynamics even under full loads. Petrol and CNG versions are also available.

The dual-circuit brake system with front disk brakes and enlarged pads has a three-fold safety margin. The vehicle is equipped with Eaton rear axle lock, substantially improving traction on slippery roads, sand and dirt.

Original design of cab mounts is responsible for low vibration and high-level acoustic comfort. The spacious cab of the Gazelle NEXT features an anatomic driver’s seat with five adjustments and lumbar support. The convenient dashboard with its clearly readable instrument cluster, the excellent visibility and the well thought out ergonomics ensure driver’ comfort during long hauls, while Delphi climatic systems maintain optimal temperature in any season.

GAZon Next is a new generation medium-duty truck, designed to carry cargos both in urban areas and on inter-city routes. The vehicle is perfectly suitable for challenging road conditions and carrying heavy payloads. The frame of the vehicle is well protected from corrosion by cataphoretic coating.

Ease of specialized superstructures installation allows GAZon NEXT to serve as a base for more than 200 modifications of specialty vehicles. The GAZon NEXT is produced in two cab versions: the standard three-seater and the crew cab seating up to seven people; and in two-wheel base lengths: standard and extended.

Payload capacity of the truck is up to 5 t, GVW – 8.7 t.

GAZon NEXT has 3-year or 150,000km warranty.

NEXT-family medium-duty trucks are built using systems and components produced by leading global suppliers: ZF steering, Tenneco shock absorbers, elements of brake system from Wabco, CSA Castellon adjustable steering columns, ZF clutches, Takata safety belts and Delphi climatic systems.

The GAZon NEXT is powered by a modern YMZ-534 diesel engine turning out 150 horsepower. The engine’s ample power ensures high reliability and durability of the power train.

The vehicle is equipped with a high-efficiency brake system with front and rear disk brakes. Integral steering accounts for highly precise handling with good response, requiring low steering wheel force. Front suspension with leaf springs of increased length, hydraulic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar ensure high riding comfort and excellent stability at high speeds.

Standard equipment includes ABS, ASR and cruise-control.

The spacious and comfortable NEXT cab is equipped with an anatomic driver’s seat featuring air suspension, 5-way adjustment and lumbar support. A wide door aperture, handrails and a lowered foot board provide easy entry.

GAZon NEXT CNG is a compressed natural gas-powered version of GAZon NEXT medium-duty truck, combining the comfort, safety and functionality of the NEXT family with high economic efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The vehicle is equipped with generation IV modern natural gas equipment. All elements of the equipment are certified under UNECE 110 and meet the toughest safety requirements.

The YMZ-534 CNG engine has a power output of 149 HP and maximum torque of 490 Nm. With seven gas tanks of 72.8 cu m total volume, the truck can go 370 km without refueling.

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