De Paraguayaanse rijst-oogst van 2017

Voor het eerst in jaren een oogstblog die daadwerkelijk over de oogst gaat… De rijst-oogst in Paraguay. Paraguay kennen we vooral als land waar de Dakar doorheen ging en waar onze oude Scania’s een tweede of derde leven hebben, maar ze verbouwen er dus ook rijst, zoals je in onderstaand persbericht (met foto door René González) van CNH kunt lezen.

Combine harvesters from New Holland Agriculture played a key role at the inauguration of the rice harvest in Paraguay. This was marked by a ceremony held on March 2 at Villa Oliva Rice, one of the country’s most important rice producers.

It saw the participation of the President of Paraguay, Horacio Cartes, together with some 500 guests, including executives from New Holland in Latin America and representatives from Ciabay, the brand’s dealer in Paraguay.

The guests were treated to a live demonstration as New Holland’s combines began their work on harvesting rice for the season. Sitting in the harvester cab, President Cartes was given the opportunity to gain a better appreciation of the advanced technology and got a sense of how it will work during this crucial window. In addition, attendees were given a tour of the rice factory to learn about the complete process from harvest to packaging.

Villa Oliva Rice is located 120 kilometers south of the country’s capital Asunción. With 18,000 hectares’ worth of land situated along the Paraguay River, its geographic location not only favors the ideal agro-climatic conditions for the production of high quality rice, but is also in a strategic location in terms of transport and logistics. The facility reaches an annual average yield of 80,000 tons of rice.


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