Spaansen: The journey of life

MAN TGX 2nd gen
The journey of life
Starts the day we are born
As we open our eyes to a bright new morn
The road ahead stretches far and long
And we all get a choice to do right or wrong
Along the road there are people we meet
Some are very kind some are very sweet
Some walk into our hearts in that special way
And stay by our side all along the way
Sometimes the road goes up
Sometimes the road goes down
Sometimes it just twists and turns
And what you give always comes around
Sometimes the weather is fair
At times there are clouds above
Theres nothing that you meet along the way
That you cant overcome with love
The journey of life is like a beautiful song
Stop and look at the flowers as they sing along
Hear the words of the moonlight and the starlight too
And good wishes all those who care for you !
As we travel along there are lessons we learn
There are races to run there a living to earn
There are crossroads and shortcuts and speedbumps too
But the King of the road is the one who is true.
MAN TGX 2nd gen


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