Mercedes-Benz delivers 115 garbage trucks to Chile

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil delivers 115 trucks of the model Atego to Chile. There they will be put to action in the garbage industry. The vehicles go to customers Veolia and Starco Demarco. An important factor for the contract with Mercedes-Benz was the Atego’s maneuverability and its robust chassis that is crucial in mountainous Chile. Customers there additionaly profit from the extensive service-station network of Kaufmann, Mercedes-Benz’ local distribution partner.

After Argentina, Chile is the second largest export market for commercial vehicles out of the Mercedes-Benz do Brasil plants. Daimler’s Brazilian truck-subsidiary exports into aproximately 50 countries on four continents. In 2017, truck exports increased around 35 prercent to approx. 7,300 units (PY approx. 5,300). The same year Mercedes-Benz do Brasil exported 940 trucks to Chile – a growth of 39 percent (PY 675 trucks).


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