Rosenbauer + Tatra + Volvo = Tigon

Remote oilfields, hard-to-reach industrial facilities, mines and extreme terrain are all challenges that emergency services find difficult to overcome. That’s why we have provided them with the right tool – the TIGON.

The radical minimization on functionality takes this uncompromising vehicle to a whole new, unprecedented level of industrial fire fighting.

The name says it all
The word TIGON stems from two powerful, agile cats – the tiger and the lioness. The name precisely describes the combination of the best components of the respective species within a radically performance-packed, unique vehicle. The off-road genes of Tatra in combination with the Rosenbauer-Volvo power train and the Rosenbauer extinguishing technology and superstructure technology are what make the TIGON unique.

Testing, testing, testing
We went to one of the toughest testing grounds in Central Europe – that belonging to Tatra in the Czech town of Kopřivnice – to put the TIGON through its paces. Here we faced circular courses, dirt tracks, steep climbs, mud, twisting roads, extreme potholes and many other challenges that are unavoidable for conventional chassis. The TIGON battled through all of this, and even managed to bring a smile to the most experienced test driver in the firefighting vehicle industry, Franz Mittermayr.

First insights
At the heart of the TIGON is a 700 hp diesel engine made by Volvo Penta with a power train developed by Rosenbauer, in combination with the most modern Rosenbauer extinguishing technology, including an industrial foam proportioning system. The indestructible superstructure, the chassis, comes from Tatra, famed as an off-road specialist and for their victories in the Dakar Rally.

The Tatra Force chassis has been reduced to provide unconditional off-road capability. The chassis of the TIGON absorbs even the deepest potholes with ease. With the 24.00R21 tires in conjunction with the so-called “Central Tyre Inflation System,” a tire pressure control system, the TIGON can manage any terrain. Thus, in sandy areas, the tire pressure is lowered to such an extent that the drive continues unhindered.

It’s even at home in water, with a fording depth of up to 0.8 meters. At speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour, the TIGON can get to the scene of the emergency and start its extinguishing assault in pump-and-roll mode during the approach.

Unique firefighting technology
In addition to all the chassis highlights, the firefighting technology is essential and outstanding. The combination of two foam proportioning systems, several turrets, some with ChemCore nozzles and high-power pump units, make the TIGON the most extreme industrial fire truck of all time.

Pictures & text by Rosenbauer.

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