Zeswielige Range Rover

Ken je dat gevoel? Dat je denkt mijn Range Rover is nog niet lang genoeg en kan wel wat extra wielen gebruiken? Dat dacht de eigenaar van deze Range Rover ook kort nadat hij hem gekocht had in 1976. Hij ging er mee naar Carmicheal, een bedrijf wat zich specialiseert in 6 wielige Range Rovers met een brandweer opbouw.

Na wat zoekwerk kwam ontdekte ik dat deze auto in 2012 als een restauratieproject werd aangeboden via Ebay.

This RR was manufactured in 1979 and converted by Carmichael as 6×4 estate car based on the commando chassis and is verified as chassis no. LR1155.

When purchased in 2006 the vehicle was a rolling chassis with no engine, gearbox etc.

The vehicle was stripped and cleaned and a new roof panel manufactured with sun roof and a complete interior from a LSE  was installed with leather seats and walnut dash. The electric windows and central  locking were repaired.

To power the vehicle a Chevrolet TPi 350 ci was obtained from a salvaged Overfinch conversion with automatic box and viscous transfer drive. To aid the cost of use, the engine has been converted to run on LPG with a 160 Ltr tank behind the rear seat but still giving a large boot area.

The suspension has been raised by about 2” and the axles/diffs have been overhauled. The 2 rear axles have been replaced to provide full 6 wheel drive. The centre axle being a though drive to the rear axle. The vehicle is now a 6×6.

Finally a complete respray was carried out in LR Westminster grey.

Between initial production and my purchase little is known. It appears that a new body was fitted at some time as I would have expected this was probable a 2 door on leaving the factory.

The vehicle featured in a 4 page article in Land Rover World in June 2010 and is quite unique probably one of only 5 in the UK, if that.

Met dank aan Evert Morren van Truckers voor goede doelen voor de foto’s die dit curieuze voertuig zag staan bij de 2de Steeg.

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