Africa Eco Race 2019: etappe 3

After the arrival of the special stage yesterday at the bivouac, this Thursday morning, the starting line was set up a few dozen meters from the AFRICA ECO RACE camp. A comfortable situation for the competitors who earned some well-deserved extra sleeping time, especially for those who arrived late during the night of the second stage which was very tiring. Luckily, today was without much difficulty for the participants, and therefore no bad surprises or incidents to declare. After three days of racing, a certain hierarchy is being set in this 11th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE, should it be two or four-wheel category.

Once again on the AFRICA ECO RACE, the competition is raging in the truck category. After loosing three hours yesterday due to steering issues on the IVECO, Igor BOUWENS, Tom DE LEEUW & Ulrich BOERBOOM succeeded today and got 6th place on the auto/truck scratch. But the Belgiums still have competition with Elisabete JACINTO, José MARQUES & Marco COCHINHO who finish 1’30’’ behind. Therefore, the MAN ends up in 6th place in the overall auto/truck ranking. The Portuguese driver is now head of the truck category with 9 minutes ahead the Tatra of the Czechoslovak Tomas TOMECEK. On board his MAN, the Belgium Noël ESSERS is for now still in 3rd position in front of the Netherland GINAF of Aad VAN VELSEN.

Today, Friday 4th of January, the AFRICA ECO RACE with head down South to join Fort Chacal. A special stage of 495km during which, once again, navigation will be the key to the podium.


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