Mike Brockway’s Bristol 403

One of my favorite cars I spotted at the 50th Great Dorset Steam Fair was Mike Brockway’s Bristol 403. I let Mike do the talking:

“It was rescued from Brietey’s scrapyard in Twyford Berkshire in 1966 by me. After a few repairs and a coat of paint it was on the road again, I used the Bristol for work and play for about ten years, even pulling a trailer, the engine started to breathe heavy so I put it to bed under a hedge, with a promise.”

“Now I’ve grown up into a big boy, 50 years later the Bristo is out to play again. My brother Bob put new pistons and bearings in, MOT and away. The aluminium body has not come to much harm. Someone may paint it one day! But not me. It is like bringing grandfather bakc to life, same wrinkles, same voice, same fun. Give us a wave if you see us on the road!”

Bristol 403
Reg nr. RKK 891
1953 Bristol 2 litre 1971 cc 6 cylinder
3 Solex carbs
100 BHP
100 mph
25 mpg
Update: we now have a Triumph 2,5 litre D gearbox with overdrive.


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