Droomauto onbetaalbaar? Johan Ackermann bouwt zelf een ELK GTR!

Johan Ackermann uit Johannesburg (Zuid-Afrika): “This is my W210 to ELK GTR full metal project hoping to have it finished this year.
Mercedes M120 V12 mid mounted with Audi six speed manual gearbox. Oobviously a lot of stress, sleepless nights and planning goes into a building a car from scratch.
The fun part is how close can you get using a model and with very limited manufacturing resources. It is impossible to replicate the real racer as it is manufactured from mostly composite and aluminum specially made parts.
The challenge is rewarded at the end when something it created that cannot be bought in real form.
I was very fortunate to have made contact with the owner of one of only two privately owned C11s in the world.
Three years ago when I started the build I asked him what he would value the real racer….it was astronomical crazy and impractical unless you were a serious car collector.
So mine will never be even close to the real racer but its the satisfaction of building it as close as possible and being able to enjoy it from time to time”
Johan, bedankt dat ik je foto’s mag gebruiken! Dat de naam ELK GTR is in plaats van CLK GTR is natuurlijk omdat hij op basis is van de E-klasse.

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