Mercedes-Benz Arocs van LEGO

Naast fantasienodelletjes kun je ook steeds vaker realitische bouwdozen kopen van LEGO. Zo was er al een Unimog, en komt er nu een doos op de markt waarmee je een Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 na kunt bouwen, compleet met functionerende kraan. Het persbericht:

The LEGO® Group and Daimler AG once again join forces to build a powerful LEGO® Technic construction site vehicle.

Another remarkable collaboration between the LEGO Group and Daimler AG reveals a brand new scale model of one of the world’s most complex trucks – the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245.

Complete with the advanced Mercedes-Benz Arocs frame and suspension system, steering, drives and lifts, the LEGO Group presents the new LEGO® Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 – one of the most advanced and complex trucks in the world.

“After the very successful cooperation with LEGO Technic on the Unimog-project, Mercedes-Benz Trucks subsequently considered a follow-up project,” says Andreas Gruber, Marketing Manager at Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

“In the context of the new Mercedes-Benz Trucks product launches – starting in 2011 – one specific vehicle seemed to have a special potential for a new joint LEGO Technic/Mercedes-Benz Trucks project: the new Arocs 3245,” says Gruber.

With its 2,793 elements, Power Functions, and several of the new LEGO pneumatic actuators, it will be one of the most complex models in the LEGO Technic assortment. The Truck will measure 12” (31 cm) in height, 5” (14 cm) width and 21” (54cm) length.

“It is a perfect fit for LEGO Technic,” says LEGO Senior Marketing Manager Niels Henrik Horsted. “Our ground pillars are authenticity, functionality and challenging and engaging building. Whenever we design a new set, our aim is to give Technic builders a stunning model that looks as detailed as its real life version as possible. It should have all the main functionalities you would expect. And we strive to introduce inspiring new ways to build with the Technic elements. Our version of the Arocs 3245 fulfils that in every way.”

To make sure designers replicate as many details as possible on the Arocs 3245, Horsted and his team visited the Mercedes-Benz Trucks production facilities in Wörth to take a closer look at the assembly line.

“We wanted to match the real Arocs 3245 as best as we could. Our model comes with new four axle suspension, a new outrigger element, a new turntable element, pumps, and of course our advanced new Pneumatics 2.0 system, which offers an easier, more realistic way of connecting cylinders and hoses. And, as always with our big LEGO Technic models, this box comes with building instructions for an alternative model that is equally authentic and challenging to build. It’s a Mercedes-Benz Articulated Construction Truck, which is just over 30” (77 cm) long.”

For Andreas Gruber and his team at Mercedes-Benz Trucks it was also important to get the LEGO designers as close to the real Arocs as possible.

“The key priority we discussed with the LEGO designers was getting the design, scale and advanced functions as similar as possible to the original Arocs 3245,” says Gruber, “including adding as many iconic details in from the real Arocs to the LEGO model as possible – handrail, step-up, wheel chock, etc. It was very important to us that everyone would immediately identify the LEGO Technic model as the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245. They have accomplished that.”

The LEGO Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 will be available from all good toy retailers from 1st August 2015.


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