Kamaz-master viert vandaag haar 27e verjaardag

Vandaag viert het Kamaz-master Dakar-team haar 27e verjaardag. In die 27 jaar heeft het team 12 keer de Dakar gewonnen, 11 daar van in de afgelopen 15 jaar. Bij de trucks is het dus al jaren lang het dominante team. Om het team te feliciteren stuurde Skincare het volgende persbericht:
Kamaz onbekend/overig
On July 17, the ‘Kamaz-master’ team celebrated its 27th birthday. We congratulate the team, and remember their best moments.

Sands, barchans and dunes…
A dangerous 8 000 kilometre journey to victory.
Crews of the ‘Kamaz-master’ teams have become winners of the Dakar rally 13 times. This year, the team won a landslide victory in the famous race.
On July 17, ‘Kamaz-master’ celebrated its 27th birthday.

The ‘Race of Mechanics’, as the Dakar rally was unofficially named this year, was especially intense. However despite the difficulties, the team took over the entire prize podium in the Truck class.
The ‘Kamaz-master’ team also took all five of the prize places at the ‘Zoloto Kagana 2015’ race, which took place in April this year.
The team’s latest achievement was at the ‘Great Steppe 2015’ rally raid, which took place on July 4 in Astrakhan. All prizes places were deservedly won by the ‘Kamaz-master’ team.
There is a pleasant confidence and predictability that the team are able to win, whilst acting as one well-coordinated mechanism, and this shows that in their class at international level, there is no one equal to them.
Yana Andreeva, the event-manager at ‘Skincare’, partner of ‘Kamaz-master’, shares her impressions: “Having been on the press tour on June 26, we were able to see how the team were preparing for the ‘Great Steppe 2015’ rally raid, and we got the chance to feel like navigators in the cabins of the legendary trucks. We had the opportunity to live a little of the life, that the team of champions lives every day”.
A full photo report from June’s press tour can be found on Facebook.
Kamaz onbekend/overig
The ‘Kamaz-master’ team was created in 1988. Since then they have taken part in over 72 races, progressively and dynamically strengthening their leadership. In the first 10 years of the 21st Century, the ‘Kamaz-master’ team became the winners of 42 first place prizes, 12 second place prizes and 7 for third place. The team members regularly take place in the Russian cup, World cup, and other championships.
Kamaz onbekend/overig
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Today we would like to wish the ‘Kamaz-master’ team stability and prosperity, as well as, of course health! This is obviously the most important thing a person can have. We hope they are able to move mountains, stand strong before all elements, reach the highest peaks and conquer the most difficult tracks. We wish that you stay confident in yourselves, the team and your success from the very beginning right up until the finish. We hope that your wins continue, your roads be easy and that a loyal companion will always be near.


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