344 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ambulances for Spain

Good news in the anniversary year of the large vans of Mercedes-Benz Vans: With the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in its portfolio, the Falck Group, the world’s largest private provider of ambulance services, has won a tender by the region of Catalonia and prevailed against numerous competitors. From this autumn and for the next six years, more than 340 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will guarantee mobile emergency and safe patient transport services in three districts in the Catalan metropolis of Barcelona. The high standards set by the Falck Group for the safety of their patients and the advanced technology of their ambulances have proved persuasive. More than two million people live within the operating area.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter outstandingly equipped for everyday emergency operations
The 344 Sprinter 313 CDI and 316 CDI for the Falck Group are all equipped with 7G-TRONIC PLUS. This automatic transmission ensures the smooth transfer of power, while at the same time reducing fuel consumption and keeping emissions low – important arguments in favour of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for use by ambulance services.
120 of the 344 Sprinter panel vans will be equipped with medical equipment and classified as emergency ambulances according to the EN 1789 European standard. 224 Sprinter will be converted to patient transport ambulances by Spanish bodybuilders.

Falck and the Sprinter: a smooth-running rescue team
In 19 countries the Falck Group, a private company based in Copenhagen, takes care of mobile ambulance services for local populations on behalf of the public authorities. In Denmark the company has been successfully using the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as an ambulance for several years now. In 2013 Falck strengthened its activities in Germany by a merger with the Hamburg-based emergency service G.A.R.D. – which likewise uses a fleet of ambulances based on the Sprinter.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Anniversary year: 20 years of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
For 20 years now the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been setting the benchmark in the 3.5 t van segment, meeting the needs of customers. The first 500 Sprinter left the production lines in Düsseldorf in January 1995. In 2014 record sales of 186 000 unites were achieved.


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