Toll Mining Services tests saving potentials by using the NICOLAS Tractomas in iron ore mining

In open pit mining transport routes increase – worldwide easily accessable sources are increasingly exploited. Cost effectiveness is therefore more and more a matter of hauling prices per ton, because long routes between decentralized mines, processing or storage facilities have to be mastered. Toll Mining Services put the Nicolas Tractomas on trial use in Western Australia end of 2015 for BC Iron Limited and were very impressed with the performance.
Nicolas Tractomas
With 1150 HP and 32 litres cylinder capacity the newest generation of the proven giant moves four dumpers with a total of 350 tons payload on even ground and is, equipped with an additional PowerBooster Dolly, even operable directly in the open pit.
Nicolas Tractomas
Markus Pflederer, responsible Sales Manager for the mining business at TII Sales, explains: „The newest generation of the NICOLAS Tractomas, equipped with a driven dolly, makes reloading the ore after bringing it out of the open pit obsolete. You drive out oft he pit and go directly into the long haul route – this bears huge potential savings and mine operators are becoming increasingly aware of these“.


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