Africa Eco Race 2019 etappe 8: Mauritania always as challenging

After the hectic day yesterday due to the accident of both OPTIMUS buggies on the arrival of the special stage, the atmosphere was back to normal and focused on the race leaving from the CHAMI bivouac this morning. Luckily, because this stage of 507 kilometers towards Amodjar is known to be extremely challenging. The clerks of the course of the AFRICA ECO RACE were not wrong and some competitors will be arriving late at the Amodjar bivouac.

Since the beginning of the AFRICA ECORACE 2019, Nöel ESSERS, Marc LAUWERS & Johan COONINX show regular performance everyday and that is the reason of their 2nd place in the truck category. This Belgian team once again showed their strength and won the special stage, a bit more than 10 minutes ahead of Elisabete JACINTO, Jose MARQUES & Marco COCHINHO, the leaders of the general ranking of the trucks, even though they helped Patrick MARTIN out of his slight incident. A great performance for this 70 year old, boss of one of the biggest transport company in Europe. The podium of the day is completed by Tomas TOMECEK who has solid merit by being alone in his TATRA. In the general, Elisabete JACINTO is still leader in front of Nöel ESSERS and the Holland team of Aad VAN VELSEN, Marco SIMONS & Harry OOSTING in their GINAF.

Today, Thursday 10th of January, the second loop will be awaiting the competitors with a departure and arrival in Chingetti and a 375 kilometer special stage to race. The most beautiful of the AFRICA ECO RACE stages with over 100 km of crossing of the most magnificent dunes of Mauritania.


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