Blue color and Volvo: ADR Transporti Jakšić – Vedran Roglić

Zoals in mijn Zebra op reisverslag van vandaag te lezen was, mislukte mijn missie om op 30 november 2022 de Volvo F89 met special paint op de foto te zetten. Uiteraard heb ik aan tipgever Vedran Roglić (de Kleyn agent voor Kroatië) gevraagd of hij me dan wat foto’s van de truck in kwestie wilde sturen. Het antwoord op die vraag weet je, want dit artikel bestaat. Ik laat Vedran zijn tekst gewoon in het Engels, mocht je dat niet kunnen lezen staat er ongetwijfeld ergens een vertaalknop in je browser.

Blue color and Volvo: ADR Transporti Jakšić

Anyone who knows and love trucks in Croatia has heard for Predrag Jakšić. As a great lover of trucks and owner of the company ADR Transport Jakšić, Predrag pays great attention to the apperance of the his trucks. He likes his vehicles to be recognizable on the road.

He is from Rijeka, town on Adriatic sea, from where was and big national transport company Autopromet Rijeka. There was Predrag’s father worked.
And from there Predrag’s love for trucks started. Drivers and transport companies from Rijeka always liked to have decorated and recognizable trucks, and perhaps the proximity of Italy, whose trucks were source of inspiration of Rijeka drivers it is also an additional reason for that.

However, Predrag has a little different style, the style of a real „trucker”. Of course, that means mandatory additional marker lights on roof (american style), chrome fuel tank, rear rubber mudflaps… and of course, special chassis color and distinctive cabin colors.
Predrag’s favorite color is blue. Blue: like Adriatic sea or like color of Autopromet Rijeka trucks, in which he rode with his father as a child.

In addition of the blue color, along with Autopromet, he also got a love for Volvo trucks. Autopromet Rijeka was one of the largest Volvo customers in ex Yugoslavia. They had maybe even 100 Volvo tractors and fuel tankers! Predrag has even two Volvo personal cars. One older, from 90’s, metalic blue color (he painted it) and other newer, in original silver color.

Of course, we should not forget to mention that Predrag Jakšić has traveled all over Europe, with his various trucks, such as: Volvo F89, Iveco Turbo Zeta, Renault, Iveco EuroCargo… transporting various types of cargo. Today he has Volvo FH 480, with which he most often drives containers from Port of Rijeka, to various destinations in Croatia. When he is not driving, he is usually around his truck, paiting and decorating it. To be still recognizable on the road!

The Volvo F89 with which he started his career and which he had taken care of, and which was painted by airbrush technique is standing in his yard and waiting better days. Maybe he wait and other owner?! We’ll see…

In 70’s Autopromet Rijeka was big customer of Volvo Trucks:

Late 80’s: Predrag first vehicles, Volvo F89 and Iveco TurboZeta

With society of other local Volvo F89

Volvo F89 pull fuel tanker:

Other Volvo F89 and Iveco TurboZeta.

All paiting Predrag making… before and today!!

One of two airbrush Iveco EuroCargo what was in ADR Transporti Jaksic

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