Rexton to the rescue

Medical patients dialling 999 in the Chalfont area of the South Central Ambulance Service will soon be relying on a new dynamic response vehicle supplied by SsangYong Motor UK.
SsangYong Rexton
The Rexton 4×4 was presented recently to the Chalfont Community First Responders to provide a rapid response vehicle that can cope with the hilly geography of the area, especially in winter.

Chalfont Community First Responders are community volunteers who work with the South Central Ambulance Service, part of the NHS, and are trained to use life-saving skills to provide early and often vital intervention for patients suffering life-threatening emergencies. Once an ambulance crew arrives at the scene, the first responders then work alongside a clinically qualified practitioner.

Chalfont team member Chris Wright was handed the keys to the new Rexton by SsangYong Motor UK CEO, Paul Williams. Chris said: “We are enormously grateful to SsangYong for providing us with this brilliant resource. Having 4×4 ability especially in winter is absolutely vital in the rural areas and hills around the Chalfonts and surrounding area – it will keep us on the road. We mostly use our own vehicles but the Rexton will get us to places we may not otherwise be able to reach.”

Added Paul Williams: “We are delighted to be able to assist in this way, and in situations where every second counts, hope our vehicle helps people get the life-saving treatment they need as rapidly as possible.”


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