Britse Fords voor bloedtransport

Nadat er vandaag eerder al een persbericht uit Engeland kwam over VW’s met blauwe lampen, kwam er later vandaag nog een bericht binnen: Ford gaat een aantal voertuigen leveren voor bloedtransport. Wederom heb ik het originele persbericht hierbij bijgesloten. (Inderdaad, ik heb een deadline en dus geen tijd om dingen te vertalen 😉 ik ga er van uit dat de meerderheid van mijn lezers op zijn minst basiskennis van de Engelse taal heeft)
Ford Transit
Ford Transit Custom is to play a vital role in the country’s well-being – with the NHS Blood and Transplant service (NHSBT).
Ford Transit Custom
Around 65 per cent of the NHSBT fleet of nearly 500 vehicles are already Fords, from blue-light Ford Focus Estate models to specially adapted Ford Transits, each of which has a key task in keeping blood supplies circulating.
Ford Transit
NHSBT’s national fleet service manager, Larry Bannon, said: “We are pleased to welcome the Ford Transit Custom on to our fleet and we are sure it will more than meet our expectations. The Transit is recognised throughout this industry as the perennial best in class, and it is certainly the best vehicle that fits our purpose, with excellent network support and a spare parts supply second to none.”
Ford Focus
In addition to emergency-service livery and the fitment of special storage equipment, each van is lined in a special waterproof resin to enable power-washing of the interior to ensure cleanliness to prescribed and regularly audited levels.

Larry Bannon added: “The Ford vans are used in every stage of the blood donation process, from collecting the blood from the village halls and schools where blood donation sessions are set up, then transporting the donated blood to our regional processing sites where it is tested, processed and sorted, through to delivering units of blood to hospitals, whether as part of a routine order or under emergency blue-light cover to meet a hospital’s urgent needs.”
Ford Focus
Ford Direct sales manager, Terry Adams, said: “It is reassuring to know a life-saving service that any of us might need to call upon, has placed its faith in the safety and reliability of Ford Transit.”


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