Second life for KW Purvis’ treasured T-cab

UK civil engineering and plant hire firm KW Purvis Ltd. has fully restored their 2000-year model Scania 6×4 bonneted T-cab tipper to near mint condition after 15 years of service with the company. “It was looking a bit of a mess after so many years of hard work, but now it’s absolutely fantastic,” says owner David Purvis.

Production of the Scania T-series was discontinued in 2005, which, from David Purvis’ perspective, was “an unwise decision.” Not being able to purchase the truck any longer, he therefore chose to prolong the life of his much-loved veteran. “As well as being a really rugged and reliable vehicle, it’s also a key part of our company heritage, which was started by my father Kenneth William Purvis. And being a highly individual truck, it also creates lots of recognition for the company.”
Scania T114
High restoration standard
At the time of restoration it was decided to update the truck to an R-series front end which has had a dramatic effect on how the truck appears. This work was carried out by Ian Bone and Sons of Carlisle, who specialise in restoration work, particularly of Scania T-cabs. “Thanks to the high standard of restoration, I’ll be able to keep the truck going for many years to come,” says Purvis. Additionally, Ian Bone is currently working on a double drive Scania T-cab tractor unit for KW Purvis’ low loader.

Although the truck has undergone a thorough makeover in most respects, the 11- litre 340 hp engine, transmission and heavy duty axles have been untouched. It has also been equipped with a brand new Thompsons Loadmaster tipper body, the same type of body as supplied originally.
Scania T114
Unique body project
“This has been a unique project for us,” comments Thompsons’ Sales Manager Ian Chaplin. “We always appreciate the opportunity to do something a bit special, and this truck certainly is. The body is different to standard Loadmasters, not only because it’s much shorter, but also because it has a dual-purpose automated tailgate which can operate either as a conventional top-hinged design or as barn doors for demolition work.”

Northumberland-based KW Purvis operates as a civil engineering contractor, plant hire company, and a hard rock quarry operator with a fleet of equipment, including excavators, backhoe loaders, track shovels and dozers, tipper trucks and a Scania low loader. Over the past months, the company has added six new Scania 8×4 G 450 tipper trucks. The firm provides services in demolition, road construction and drainage as well as haulage services to and from their own and other construction sites.
Scania T114
Productive second life
Over its 15-year working life the T-cab truck has been busy hauling quarry material, taking rubble off construction sites whilst also being used as an on-site dumper truck. Now, it will have an equally productive second life.

But before being subjected to its gruelling everyday assignments, it will be kept in pristine condition awaiting the UK TIP-Ex Show in Harrogate in June.


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