25th Rallye Breslau Poland: 189 competitors, five days of racing

The 25th edition of the Rallye Breslau Poland is also the first edition of the new Rallye Breslau Poland, with five days of racing. The ‘Breslau’ is the oldest rally of Europe, the ‘workers rally’ accessible for everyone with a long history in both Cross Country and Extreme off-road sport.

“Even though it is easy to enter, you should not underestimate the challenge. The tracks, the navigation, the teamwork and the spirit needed to lead this race are second to none,” says organiser Alexander Kovatchev. “With our new five day format we offer a compact and intense program, and allow everyone to enjoy the beauty of Poland!”

“The magic of the Breslau is that you need to do everything right,” says organiser Alexander Kovatchev. “You need to be a good and efficient driver, to take care about your navigation and make sure you arrive at the finish on each and every stage. This has been the challenge and the adventure for already 25 years, a challenge that continues to inspire people!”

Almost 200 teams will start on Monday the 1st of July from 10:30h in the city centre of Miastko for 5 days and 850 km special stage through the forests of Miastko and Drawsko Pomorskie. For a few days this region is the centre of off-road in Europe, with motorbikes, ATV’s, small buggies, cars and trucks competing in on the tracks of the Rallye Breslau Poland.

Aleksander Piorczynski from Miastko starts in his hometown on his Can AM ATV, surrounded by family and friends. He has strong competition this year, from Polish, Belgian and German riders who will chase him and try to beat him. In the ‘Enduro’ class a strong group of new riders will start, with famous ‘Dakar’ competitors like Mirjam Pol to experienced ‘Breslau’ riders and newcomers, who all try to reach the podium.

No less than 26 trucks have entered the Rallye Breslau Poland 2019 – Unimogs, MAN, KAMAZ, TATRA, DAF and GINAF are all present at a unique truck race, with a special category for the ‘Extreme’ class. “I am happy to see so many fast Unimogs this year,” says former winner Alfred Wemhoff, “but there is no way to tell who will take the lead!” The trucks are something different, to see them race on the fast tracks of the Breslau makes your heart beat faster..

Dave Klaassen from the Netherlands brings his world class Redline Nissan to the event, attracting a lot of compliments. “Perhaps the difference with some of the other cars is huge,” he says, “But I still have to do everything right to reach the finish line!” He is competing in a huge field with cars from all over Europe, from the fast to the adventurous, including for instance Seppe Verstegens’ unique Belgian Citroen 2CV ‘Rallyraid’.

Fast and growing is the ’side by side’ class, with fast and exciting buggies built for off-road use. Cezary Woch from Poland is racing his Can am Maverick, competing with no less than 25 of these fast vehicles. “We are excited to race here,” says Rainer Hug from Germany, also racing a Can am. “We have done Dakar and other big events and we are happy to be here with our team!”

“The 25nd edition of the Rallye Breslau is a true celebration of the off-road sport,” says Alexander Kovatchev. “It is an honour to stand on the shoulders of the pioneers in our sport, people like Klaus Leihener, Franz Aigner and the others who have contributed to 25 years of the Rallye Breslau Poland. We brought the rally into the 21st century, and to be able to work together with the organise the 25nd edition is a sweet reward for all of us!”



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